Thursday, April 4, 2013

"NON GMO Project Verified" Stickers Appear at Whole Foods

Whole Foods, just a couple weeks after announcing that it will label foods containing genetically-engineered ingredients by 2018, has already started placing "NON GMO Project Verified" stickers in front of qualifying foods. 

The accompanying photo is of the vegetable oil section, which, in standard supermarkets, is a hotbed for genetic engineering since about 90 percent of American canola, corn and soybeans (the staples of commercial vegetable oils) are from genetically-engineered plants.

Is it any wonder why the big food and chemical companies spend tens of millions of dollars to defeat state and labeling initiatives? But, we should all hope, the tide is turning against these denizens of disaster.


Anonymous said...

Something I have been wondering lately as I have seen these signs appear in my WF as well:

Is WF imitating the Wal-Mart model -- not about pricing because actually prices are simultaneously going up -- but in regards to driving/dictating a new standard for suppliers to meet. If they want to be on the WF shelves they must meet the standard and that spills over to other retailers as well, the way Wal-Mart ends up dictating what toys are on other retailers' shelves as well as their own. Not saying what is good and what is bad, just asking what is...?

Chef Rob said...

I completely agree with you. The junk food companies may not care and the good companies have always been on board, so it may be more an issue of what the companies in between will do.

I think this is a net positive in regard to our food supply.